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happy birthday to meeee...

Aw, look at what my sister done for me!

It's my birthday today. :D
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The Return Of Susy!!!

Hello friends I am so sorry that I have not posted for a while I have been too busy with things that have been going on around here. I have worked soo much while I have been away. Other things that have happened are hens night for one of my best friends which was a night of dancing, drinking heaps and of course strippers *yummy* the stripper was sooooo cute and from sweden. This friday is the wedding so I will dress to impress. I also was asked to be the godmother for my best friends child which she is due in may I am sooo happy and excited and honored!!! Oh well thats all I can write for now but to mu friends can I request something from you!!!! I was wondering if anyone had Bob Sinclair's song (Its a new one and it has in the music clip kids dressing up and lipsyncing his song) The tune goes "everybody dance now" I am sorry I just dont remember the title. Wouldnt it be funny if that was the title of the song. Anyway enough rambling. Be safe and love to all!!!
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Happy New Year

I just want to wish everyone a wonderful 2007 I hope that this year is even better than the last.
Take care all of you

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Kylie Concert Yesterday!!!

Well last night I went to see Kylie Minogue in Concert. It was her last concert in melbourne and it was fantastic. She has such a beautiful voice and the costumes were amazing. Even the dancers were excellent. She sang songs from the 80's like 'Locomotion' and 'Especially for You' to the songs of now and I just enjoyed every minute of it. Too bad we weren't allowed to take photos but it was a great night. Tonight I will be going to see Robbie Williams and I cant wait!!! I am sooooo excited!!! Keep you posted about the concert tomorrow kk
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Plz Respond!!!

I was asked by vivielessar to complete this lil survey for her to get to know me and I ask my friends if they can do the same so when you all have time plz fill it in for me kk?

Here is mine:

01. Your name: Susana
02. Star sign: Pisces
03. Place of residence: Australia
04. What makes you happy? My family, friends, music
05. What are you listening to now/last listened to? Coldplay
06. Do you read my journal? Yes of course!!!
07. If so, why? Do I really need to give a honest answer??? :P
08. Interesting fact about yourself: I love to paint
09. Tell me something random: I need to sleep!!!
10. Favourite spot/place to be: the beaches @ the great ocean road
11. Your favourite lyrics (poetry or song): Love sarah mclachlan songs but cant exactly put a fave lyric
12. Best time of the year: Christmas and birthdays (can I pick 2???)
13. Right or left handed: right handed
14. Favourite food: I really dont fave a paritcular fave coz I love all food
15. Coffee or tea (what type / flavour): both
16. What was your last dream about: about me getting married which was really good and weird @ the same time. I loved my wedding outfit!!!
17: Last radio station listened to? Nova 100.3
18. Last cuss word word uttered? shit
19. Best decade for music: 80's for sure
20. Will you put this on your LJ so I can complete it there: Of course I will

1. a movie: couldnt really recommend one sorry
2. a book: 'Ines Of My Soul' by Isabel Allende
3. artist/band, song and album: Sarah Mclachlan
4. Something else (lj friend, website, tv show, store, whatever):
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mood: I am still depressed!!! :( I am still depressed!!! :(

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(no subject)

Today I went shopping for the first time in age bought clothes @ discount prices I was soo happy to buy 2 tops @ $5 each that I liked. I was happy that I bought some clothes I really dont have time to shop coz I work too much to even of going out. Speaking of which..... I have to make time to do extra xmas shopping. Anywayz I was looking for an outfit for xmas and I decided that I would be wearing a dress. I have NEVER wear dresses and I decided I need to be more feminine. I am such a pants girl simply coz I find it comfortable ( ok I will get to the point I think). So I found the perfect dress in pink and babydoll style!!! It fitted me perfectly and it was like it was waiting just for me. I thought I need to buy this dress!!! But the price was too high and I didnt have enough money to buy it. Soooo I have to wait for my next paycheck to buy it. I was sooo disappointed I really wanted to dress. I never thought I would look so good in a dress. Anyway I am in a depressed mood, I need cheering up so plz people help!!! I gotta go be back soon. Be safe to all of you mwa mwa
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mood: depressed depressed

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being silly

I was bored and silly but i was happy with the results!!!

What genre of Metal are you?

Gothic Metal

Bands like Beseech, Sirenia, Lacuna Coil, and Tiamat. Music is: Typically slower and with lots of atmosphere, the genre also sometimes sports twin vocalists (male and female). You enjoy the finer things in life and love beautiful things that tickle your senses. You are romantic without ever overdoing it, and you love the dark because it brings out your sensual side.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

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Anxiously waiting for exam results

THree days...Thats all i got three days left til i will know the results of my exams. I dont really want to know what I got for the exams but I will need to know. All I hope is that I pass that is all I want. ARGH!!! I am so nervous and scared!!!!
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mood: anxious anxious
music: linkin park- cure for the itch

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New Layout!!!!

As you all can see I am back and now I have a new layout of my other fave actor Gael Garcia Bernal. He is such a spunk *drooling over him*.
Well now I am officially on holidays from uni and I have been to the beach with my sis makealimb and her friend randomtimes we had alot of fun that day and enjoyed the trip.
Will add more in my next entry soon. Currently making icons and will post as soon as they are done.
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music: josh groban- remember

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5 Facts Meme

I was tagged by vivielessar

1. I am a real movie buff and love just to watch films repeatedly. I love the Godfather films, cant get enough of star wars and LOTR trilogy (at home we actually have a marathon of LOTR hee hee) and I cant get enough of Vin Diesel. Need my dose of Vin regulary....

2. I am very artistic and I love to draw and paint (but lately have not had time due to uni). Once I finish my degree in Nursing I will continue on and do a bachelor of arts. I thank my dad for giving me the gift of being artistic it really runs in the genes of my dad's side of the family

3. I can impersonate famous people's voices. I do a great kermit, donald duck. I can also imitate the queen of england and the prime minister of australia hee hee :P

4. Love to listen to music. I am a real freak when it comes to music....It doesnt matter what genre because my sister and i have grown up to listen to all kinds. I can say I am a real 80's kid and my list of fave bands/singers are so long but I just wont go there it is way toooo long

5. I love bags I continuously buy bags when I have the chance I am a bag freak. I AM OBSESSED when it comes to bags.

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